5 Rules For Delveloping Sexy Curves

RulesNo girl really wants to get fat,they just want sexy curves and a fuller figure.

The problem is, the road to a full figure is full of potholes and some girls get stuck.

They lose motivation, get comfortable, used to overeating and ultimately end up overweight.

Losing focus and giving up is easy, but nothing worthwhile is easy.

You need to get back on the road, get your diet on track and stay focused on your goal.

I decided to get a short list of rules together, common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Hope it helps you stay focused and geared up. Summer is right around the corner and you will look your best!

#1 Eat Right

It doesn't matter if you want a fatter butt or your trying to trim down your waist. This rule never changes, eat towards your goals. A Lot of girls mess up at here and go completely off track.

Finding the right diet is not as obvious as you may think. For example, in some cases, over eating can make you lose weight and under eat can actually lead to weight gain.

Sound crazy right, how about this, eating fatty food may make you lose weight. It's all about doing your research and sticking to your guns.

I have wrote a few article on this topic, so read up or ask a question, remember I’m here to help.

#2 Cardio Sucks

Girls seem to love cardio and waste so much time on something that produce very little. Don’t get me wrong, Cardio improves stamina, improves circulation, improves general health and does a bunch of other things that you can't see in the mirror. If that's what you want, go for it.

But, if you're trying to slim down your belly and get a nice butt, it's time to jump off that stair climber. Hit the weight room, make some real and noticeable improvements.

If you want to get a better butt shape, hit the iron. Weight training is really all you need to get more curves, lose inches from your belly and get a bigger booty. Squats, hip thrusts, donkey kicks, etc.. work better with resistance.

#3 Junk Food does not Equal Curves

Get over the biggest lie in weight gain. Junk food, will not get your butt any bigger. Well, not before you get a spare tire, back fat and coat your organs in a thick layer of  visceral fat.

If you really want to get thicker thighs and a fat but, Eat Right!

If you want to see what kinds of foods will get your ass fatter, go to the supermarket and take a stroll down the produce aisle. That's right, greens, veggies and fruits will do more for getting a full figure that any fast food joint, don't believe me?

Read the back of any weight gainer, diet pill, butt enhancing supplement, etc,.. What do you see? It's a list of herbs and plant extracts. I have never seen any supplements that list hamburger extracts.

#4 Under Eating / Over Eating

Avoid both!, Over eating is easy to do, especially if your initial goal is to gain curves. It's easy to go from eating enough to eating too much. The thing about food is the more your eat, the more you will want to eat.

Keep insulin at check by avoiding foods rich in carbohydrates. By lowering carbohydrates, you can eat more or less without feeling hungry.

Under eating is actually a bigger problem for some girls. If you're trying to gain some weight, track your calories!

Make sure to hit your calorie goals, just going by how you feel is why you're so thin in the first place. If you're worried about getting a fat belly, eat more often.

Your tummy is where the body loves to store “emergency” calories. Eat enough and you will avoid that emergency storage.

#5 Supplements are Your Friend

We have all been burned by diet pills that are supposed to help you melt belly fat, boost appetite or whatever.

The point, yes there are a lot of bogus products out there and companies that prey on uneducated consumers. How do you get around this, well by becoming an educated consumer.

Base your supplement decision on ingredients, reviews and recommendations, Not fancy labels and empty promises. I have a section just on supplement recommendations. So, if your planing to try out a new booty gaining pill, stop there first.

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