Aguaje, The Fruit that Enhances Curves

The Latin Women’s Secret to Wider hips

The Aguaje fruit is another one of South America's secrets. This fruit has also became know as the “Curvy Fruit”. Its not as well know in the U.S, but just south of there we find out just how popular it really is.

Latin women take pride in having a thicker bodies and big butts. Now, we know the secret, and it's probably something they take for granted.

Look around, I’m sure you may have wondered, “Why do Latin girls have such round and big butts?”

The word is slowly spreading across the globe. Women everywhere that want to get a curvier figure are starting to take notice. This is a natural way to get a bigger butt and hips.

Best Butt Enhancement Pills

Unfortunately, the Aguaje fruit would not survive shipping out of South America. This is the biggest problem with any Aquaje supplements, its hard to find a real and pure source.

Just as with any other supplement, the better the ingredient, the better the results. After a bit of researching I have narrowed it down to two specific products.

One names Aguaje on its label and at the right dose. The other just kind of hints at it. So, I'm not even sure if they truly do have it. So my recommendation for an Aguaje Pill that can give you a bigger butt is .... .. 

Curve Butt enhancement pills

CURVE, by IsoSensuals is one of the longest running butt enhancement supplements I can think of.

What makes them so popular is not only the full dose or Aguaje per pill, but all the other potent herbs.

Just to name a few, Maca, Soy, Wild Yams and Saw Palmetto Berries.

Each of these alone are know to increase natural estrogen, balance hormones and of curse, give you curves.

The potency of this product shows in its reviews. It carries 4.3 stars in Amazon, out of 680 reviewers! 80% of people that have used CURVE gave it  4+ stars.

I would suggest going through the reviews your self!

Finding the right supplements, the ones that work can save you a lot of time.

Not to mention the cost of these supps, some of which are in the hundreds.

I don't really mind paying a fair price for something as long as it works.

From the reviews and from what friends have told me, this works! You can thank me later.

What is Aguaje

Also known as Mauritia flexuosa. This palm fruit grows all over the Latin American region.

Usually found in the warm and wet rainforests. Locals would climb the palm tree just to grab a few of these pocket sized fruits.

In the natural form they can be juiced or eaten whole. Its very high in vitamin C, A, E as well as a few other nutrients.

What are the Benefits and How Does it Work?

You're probably wondering how Aguaje can help you obtain a bigger butt. Besides that fact that this fruit is packed with vitamins A,C and E.

Aguaje is super dense with phytoestrogens.

Phytoestrogens are compounds found in plants that mimic the effects of estrogen in the body.

It’s sort of like getting a boost in estrogen levels naturally and safely.

Its actually been proven to be very beneficial to a women's health.

Here's the best part, women with higher estrogen levels also tend to have more curves, bigger hips and a better butt than women with lower levels.

So, if you naturally produce less estrogen, you can naturally increase it with Aguaje fruit!

Lets recap on the wonders of Aguaje:

[list icon="icon: check" icon_color="#0fb157"]
  • Naturally boosts estrogen
  • Safe and Proven effective over time
  • Hormonal support during menopause
  • High in vitamin A, C, E
  • Can help you get bigger thighs, hips and bottom
  • May enlarge breasts
  • Increased fertility
  • Naturally helps women gain weight
  • Improves skin, can be used in creams

Where can you buy Aguaje

Aguaje Fruit helps you get wider ipsUnfortunately, you it's difficult to buying the raw fruit outside of South America.

It's very delicate and won't make it through shipping.

The good news is that although the fruit may not be available in your region, extracts, powders and pills are just as effective.

Aguaje Pills or Powders

Pills are usually a better choice, but it usually comes down to preference.

Aguaje pills are more convenient, keep longer and usually more potent that the powdered form.

The down side is, most Aguaje pills are mixed with other herbs and the quality may not be the best.

I only know of one supplement that contains a potent dose Aguaje.

A dose made specificity for woman trying to enhance curves naturally.

Aguaje Powder is usually pure Aguaje grinned into a dry powder.

Although not as convenient as the pill form. Powders are easy to mix in water, juice or add to a smoothy.

My advice would be to find a trust worthy dealer that can guarantee freshness and purity.

Dosing Aguaje

So how much Aguaje do you need to start seeing results?

Depending on what form of Aguaje you have there can be different doses. Its usually very safe and you really can't die from eating too much fruit, but using more than recommended may not speed up the results.

With Aguaje fruit in powdered form, usually a one teaspoon daily can help. But, there teaspoons spread thought the day works best.

In pill form it's best to follow directions on the label. Most manufactures will conduct studies to find the most effective dose.

Usually, Aguaje pill will be at about 450 mg and most will suggest 3 a day. But, that may vary by individual and goals.

When Can You See Results

Since Aguaje can boost natural estrogen levels, results are usually quick. You may notice a bigger butt in a week to one month.

So, take measurements before you start and track your results.

By continuing Aguaje you can maintain a thicker thighs, a bigger bottom, hips and grow bigger breasts. You wont just keep growing.

Once you reach your maximum potential, you can continue use but you may not see any additional gains. As for a health prospective, its still has other benefits.

My Verdict:

Although further clinical testing is needed to prove its claims. It has been used for thousands of years and has locals swear by it. That in itself may be more than enough proof.

Aguaje pills or powders alone may not give you wider hips, but with the right diet and exercise, it will help.

I would recommend adding it to your butt building supplement stack.


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