Best Headbands For Workout

Let's face it, we all love headbands. They keep your hair out of your face, make a statement and look cool.

I have been through more than just a handful of bands myself and found out that some are not as good as others.

Like most of you the biggest problem I have is that most headbands don't stay in place. If I working out, running or in the middle of yoga my some head bands tend to fall out of place.

Out of my hundreds of bands there are only a few that really make the cut. The reason I choose these few as my favorite is because they are comfortable, look good, don't slip off and lasted me a long time.

All these bands cost about the same price. Its a range of $9 to $15 bucks and well worth it.

A lot of cheaper bands just don't cut it, while some of the more expensive headband just aren't worth the price.

Best HeadBand for Working Out

Workout headbands that stay in place

Bondi Bands are my absolute favorite headbands for working out in the gym or around the house.

Since I first discovered Bondi Bands I have managed to collect at least ten. I have a couple of different colors as well as a backup red.

These are without a doubt the best headbands for running, working out and even yoga.

I even wore my Bondi Band during Vinyasa yoga sessions. If you're not

sure what Vinyasa yoga is, it's kind of like doing regular yoga is a suana. I sweat like crazy and never have to worry about this head band staying put.

Best HeadBand for Running

BLOM Headband keep my hair out of my face

BLOM is another favorite. I would say I like them more than Bondi, but Bondi seems to be my favorite go to. BLOM on the other hand is also great.

Their bands look a little better and have more style to them.

I have never had an issue with them running. They are true “no slip” headbands. They stay right where you put them. I love a good wide headband and this is it.

Since I have a weird shaped head, I sometimes have trouble with bands. This one works well and hugs my big head.

It's also wide enough to hold your hair all the way back and keep it off your face.

This is also the most comfortable headband I own. Pick it up at Amazon for about $15 is all styles.

Hippie Runner HeadBand look greatBest Looking HeadBands

Hippie Runner headbands are the coolest looking bands out. They come in millions of styles and prints.

Are quality made and last for ever. You can really find a headband that match what ever your wearing.

They make everything from tie dye prints to super hero logos.

They are large enough to hold your hair back and these headbands stay in place for casual activity.

These headbands stay cool during running and don't really move around much. But I tried a couple in the gym and for some reason they don't hold as well as the others do.

For everyday use they are the best headbands out.

What is your Favorite Band, let me know. I'm always looking for better workout gear. Chime in!

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