Best Waist Trimmer Period Reviewed

So, what’s the secret to targeting your waist while you’re working out, or just hanging out at home?

I’ll let you guess, it’s made out of neoprene and makes you sweat like crazy. Sweet Sweat, has to be the Best Waist Trimmer!, hands down.

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  • Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer increases your core temperature during exercise.
  • It enhances thermogenic activity and sweat.
  • Includes sample of our bestselling Sweet Sweat Gel.
  • Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer is contoured to fit around your waist .
  • Made with the Premium latex-free Neoprene for Superior heat insulation.


You know me, I have tried it all and at least 5 different brands. It’s kind of my job, or at least that’s how I convince myself that it’s ok to spend so much money on equipment.

But this thing is guilt free, the price is right and it burns fat from your waistline like butter.

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Incase You Don’t Know What a Waist Trimmer is

Lets face it, getting a bigger butt isn’t easy. It’s hard work that takes time and effort, but like I have mentioned before, one of the most effective ways to make your butt look bigger is trimming your waist.

A smaller waist will make your booty pop out and demand attention. To optimism your belly burning efforts why not make use of a waist trimmer belt.

If you have never used or seen a trimmer before, I’ll tell you a little about what they are. The shape is similar to a corset in the way it’s made to wrap around your waist.

Better belts are wider and cover more area. They are also thicker, usually a quarter inch or more in thickness.

The material that’s used is Neoprene, it’s what divers use to maintain body heat. Neoprene is kind of a foam that stretches and forms to your body shape. It’s so effective in trapping body heat, it protects deep sea divers from getting hypothermia.

What Should You Expect?

If you have used other Waist trimmers before, you probably think you know what they are like. You would be wrong, this one is a totally different experience.

The amount of sweat you collect under this best is out of control.

Even the more expensive belts don’t work as well.

This trimmer can be purchased with a kit that includes a sweat accelerator cream that you apply before strapping in. I’ll tell you it’s well worth it. The cream adds more burn and seems to amplify the waist trimming effects.

My usual workout routine can last one to two hours easy. By the time I end my routine and unstrap the belt, it’s like someone popped a water balloon. A waterfall of sweat is released.

Why You Should Use a Waist Trimmer

This Workout Cream is what makes Sweat Sweet the Best Waist Trimmer

The best thing about these belts is that they work almost instantly. Providing benefits from back support to slimming your waist. You know what else, you don’t even have to go to the gym. Wearing it around the house can still be beneficial.

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  • Sweet Sweat with Coconut Targets "Slow To Respond" Injured and Problem Areas While Exercising.
  • Promotes an additional increase in Circulation & Sweating during your workout.
  • May help fight muscle fatigue and painful injuries such as shin splints, pulls, and strains.
  • Natural Coconut Aroma will take away the fear of feeling offensive during and after your workout.
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


Helps You Diet

The most effective signal your body can give you to stop eating is that bloated feeling. The tension the builds around your belly when you eat too much.

You know what I’m talking about, it’s when your belt feels tighter, or your dress feels like it shrank on you.

Instead of overeating, a trimmer belt can remind you to stop eating by the increasing tension around your waist after every bite. Also because you’re restricting the room around your stomach, you feel full sooner.

Waist Slimming

A good belt will give you results the first day. That’s right, you will see a difference right away.

If you wear the belt for the first time and keep it on for a while, your body will start to mould into the shape. But, don’t get me wrong permanent fat loss takes time. This effect will only last for a short period.

Slimmer Appearance

If you wear your trimmer underneath your everyday clothing, you will appear slimmer and have more curves.

You have seen this before from women that wear corsets. Although the effects are not as drastic, they are also not as uncomfortable.

Support Back and Posture

This is kind of a dual purpose benefit of wearing a waist trimmer. In the gym it can give you the support your back needs to prevent injury.

Out of the gym it can remind you to keep the proper posture, which in turn makes your butt look bigger.

Targeted Fat Burning

I saved the best for last. You want to lose the fat around your belly but keep the fat on your butt and thighs.

Trimmers are great for burning off belly fat without losing your booty fat. You don’t have to diet, workout or do anything that might put the healthy fat to risk. Just wearing the belt will cut the fat around your waist.

I like to apply the burning cream on my belly and back, through the trimmer on and do things around the house.

By the time I’m done and take off the belt, it’s full of sweat. Even if I never broke into a noticeable sweat!

What Makes This The Best Waist Trimmer Belt?

When you’re considering a Waist trimming belt make sure to look out for these three key points. The best belts work by contouring your waistline, increasing your core temperature and making you sweat!

#1 Will it Contour and Move With You?

A stiff belt that doesn’t grip and hold onto your waist won’t be effective. You need to find a waist trimmer that fits snug and flexes with you.

Keeping constant contact with your skin during the workout. If it doesn’t, you won’t sweat as much and your core body temperature won’t rise as much.

I use my belt for everything from running to yoga and have no issues. It moves along with my body. Sticks to my skin through every movement and is snug throughout my session.

#2 Increase Your Core Temperature

Increasing your body temperature during a workout will make you burn fat, sweat and increase the effectiveness of your routine.

This belt is made out of premium Neoprene that’s 100% latex free! That’s important, latex can cause skin irritation and doesn’t let your skin breath.

A good neoprene belt stays in place, stretches and holds in body heat! If you decide to go with any other belt, just make sure they use quality neoprene.

#3 Sweat!

The key to any waist trimmer belt that burns fat. Does it make you sweat! After my routine, I hit the locker and get ready to make a splash, literally.

This belt makes you sweat so much that once you lift the belt, it’s like someone spilled a cup of water on my waist. If you have ever used a belt and haven’t experienced that, it's not your routine, it’s the belt.

Even if I haven’t worked out. An hour of wearing this belt around my waist always ends the same.

Should You Buy a Waist Trimming Belt?

It doesn’t matter if you have never owned one before or have one sitting in your closet. If you have never tried this belt, I encourage you go out and give it a shot.

It doesn’t cost much and works better than any other belt out, even the more expensive belly belts don’t work as well.

Ultimately, you still need to diet and exercise if you want to burn belly fat. But this belt will speed up the process and make you look good as you do it.

Save yourself the expense of buying belts that don’t work or cost to much. This belt is cheap, effective and really the best waist trimmer belt available!

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