Consequences of Wearing Wrong Bra Size

You should avoid wearing wrong bra size if you want to have healthy breasts and avoid common diseases.

Choosing and wearing wrong bra size can impact on your health and breasts negatively.

In other words, you unintentionally increase the risk of breast cancer and other dangerous diseases  if you wear wrong bra size.

To possess healthy, sexy, attractive, and great breasts, you should choose and wear suitable bra size.

Below are some reasons why you should wear right bra size.

Chest Pain

You can suppress the development of breast tissues if you wear bras that are too small or tight. In addition, your back and breast skin can be hurt with marks.

You can also feel uncomfortable with small bra size because it is too tight.

The blood flow in your breasts can be impacted negatively because of small and tight bras.

Worse, you can unintentionally reduce the activity of blood circulation around breast area. It gives no support to your breasts if you wear bras that are too big or loose.

In this case, you will also encounter chest pain and breast sagging when you have strong activities.

Breast Cancer

According to study, the number of hours per day that women wear bras, will decide the breast cancer rates.

Women who often wore bras per day had a breast cancer rate 125 times higher than other women who had few hours of bra wear per day.

Especially, women who often wore bras that are too tight or small had high rate of breast cancer. Simply, the flow of blood and the circulation of lymphatic system in breast tissues is suppressed.

The lymphatic system has tiny and soft capillaries carrying fluids of nutrition to nourish breast.

Once the lymphatic system of breast cells is suppressed, the fluids will be congested and blocked.

If accumulation reaches high level, it can cause chest pain which leads to breast cancer.

It is better that you should not wear bras when you are sleeping or avoid strong activities when you are at home.

Chest Deformity

The shape of your breasts will be deformed if you wear bras that are too tight or small for long time.

You will also face with the breast sagging if you wear bras that are too loose or large when having daily strong activities.

It is recommended that you should find the right bra size if you want to have sexy, nice, firm, and healthy breasts.

When you play sports or exercise, you need to wear sports bra to avoid sagging.


Because breast skin is very  sensitive, you should avoid wearing bras that are too tight or small.

Wearing bras that are too tight can cause breast skin to soak in sweat; and this is not good at all for breast health.

The moisture environment will be a good condition for the rapid development of fungi and bacteria which can cause inflammation in breast skin.


You will unintentionally create high pressure on your neck and shoulders when wearing bras that are too right. Therefore, you can face with the fatigue in neck and shoulders.

Worse, you can also have a headache and dizziness because tight and small bras can impact negatively on the blood circulation to the brain.

In other words, wearing bras that are too tight can suppress or reduce blood flow to the brain.

You should consider wearing suitable bra size if you want to get bigger boobs naturally .

Choosing and finding the right bra size is the best way to help you have sexy and healthy breasts.

Check how to measure bra size to see which size of bra is right for your breasts.

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