Eating Towards More Curves

Its not a huge mystery that eating right and exercise can reshape your body. You can have a butt building workout routine with only 3 to 4 exercises and as little as 3 days a week to see a difference. That is as long as you're eating for a better bigger butt and  towards these 3 goals:

3 Goals When Dieting for Woman:

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  • Hormone Balance
  • Better Calorie intake
  • Nutrition Timing for growth

An Example of a well rounded and healthy meal

Here is a video I found on you tube that will give you an example of a great meal for woman. It covers all the basics. If your a girl trying to gain or lose weight, read on for better tips!

FastFood Decreases Natural Estrogen Woman1# Eating for Proper Hormone Balance

We are so used to the “grab and go” mentality now a days.

When we leave the house for work or school, we grab a bite on the way or skip breakfast completely.

Maybe you get a chance to sit down for lunch. Chances are your lunch come out of a bag, box or Styrofoam container and it was put together by a teenager.

The only time you have to put together a decent meal your energies all spent.

You end up resorting to fast food, eating out or throwing something into the microwave for a 5 minute nuke.

It doesn't matter if you spent the day under-eating or overeating, your body has taken a nutritional beating.

From Trans fats to BPA’s, it is an all out assault on your body's (Endocrine) hormonal system.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on organic, grass feed, bottled water only products. You just have to pay closer attention to what you put into your body. If it don’t list all ingredients, don't eat it. Better yet, ..

If you can't see each ingredient don't eat it.

That’s it, it can be just that simple. A steak is made out of steak, salad is a mix of greens and a sweet potato is, well a sweet potato.

All together it makes a great meal that covers all the basics needed for you to encourage proper hormone production, fat storage where you want it, reduction where you don't and healthy weight gain or loss.

If you need to take carry a magnifying glass when you good food shopping, stop, drop the can / box / plastic container and move to the produce section.

We will get more into depth later on. You will need to understand to to measure micro-nutrients and the different ratios can affect your body.

Don’t worry, I’ll make this easy and once you know what to look for it's a no brainer.

Not Eating Enought For Butt Grow#2 Calorie Intake

Ok, easy, “calories in - calories out”, right?

Well for the most part. If you don't understand what that means I’ll explain it really quick.

The concept behind “calories in - calories out” is simple:

Your body weight directly reflects your calorie intake minus expenditures

Don’t worry about the details just yet we will get into that later.

For now lets just say if you're eating 5 kcals a day and don’t exercises, chances are you weight over 300lb.

If you don’t, you soon will. Its rule that's as true as gravity. On the flip side of that if you're exercising three to five times a week and eat like a rabbit.

Say under 2k cals don't expect to gain much of anything, actually expect to lose weight, your curves and have a drop in estrogen production.

If you're eating at maintenance Calories and replenishing lost calories through your butt building workouts, don't expect a change in your weight.

You can expect a change in your body's composition if you're controlling your macro nutrients. But that's a little more involved and we will definitely get into that later on.

This calorie counting thing is easy for some, but if you tend to eat out, eat irregularly or don't care what goes into your body, your out of luck. Counting calories is going to be painful.

Luckily there are apps that make it as easy as point and click.  “My Fitness Pal” app is free and make this process super simple.

When to eat#3 Nutrition Timing

Nutrition timing is a fairly new technique in the world of body building.

Although it's new, this concept has taken natural body building to new heights.

Allowing people to mould their body without the use of steroids or anabolic drug.

Its a concept that easy to understand at its core.

Basically, you're using the body's natural insulin response to uptake nutrients. But we can go well beyond the normal response.

When combined with physical training, you can guide nutrients to specific muscle groups.

That means focusing your efforts in the gym directly to which ever muscles or parts of the body you want to see results.

With this science you can grow muscles at a faster than the normal rate.

Increase fat storage on targeted areas of the body, like more fat on your booty and hips. You can even do both and more at the same time.

Imagine, slimming your waistline, growing your hips, thighs and butt. All while toning muscles and eating whatever you want.

Its a simple concept to learn, but can take time to master. I want to stress that it isn’t magic, but the results do come quickly.

Later on we will break this concept down and learn how to manipulate it for gaining muscle or fat.

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