How Growth Hormone Benefits Professional Bodybuilders

Human growth hormones (HGH) supplements have been widely used throughout the athletic community, but some sources seem to show that it has little benefits for trained athletes such as bodybuilders.

However, men and women who participate in this sport show true results from use of HGH supplements. So it leads us to wonder what the actual benefits are for bodybuilding.

Strength, muscle mass, muscle recovery, and muscle endurance are key factors to having the physique of a bodybuilder. Let’s take a realistic look at HGH, and how it can be beneficial for professional and even amateur bodybuilders.


What Exactly is Human Growth Hormone?

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HGH is not a steroid because your body produces this hormone naturally through secretion of the pituitary gland located within your brain. The highest production of natural occurring HGH can be found in children and adolescents.

Hormone levels following a workout are high as well, which is one reason why athletes tend to have larger bodies than the average person aside from intense training.

However, this hormone is similar to testosterone since it begins to decrease in natural production around the age of 30.

Lack of training and proper nutrient intake affect HGH productions greatly, but even the healthiest athlete will begin to lose his or her natural secretions through the pituitary gland.

This hormone is often represented by the thought process of it being the “fountain of youth”. However, there are several other benefits you need to be aware of such as:

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  • Increased cellular recovery
  • Blood pressure reduction
  • Memory retention
  • Increased fat loss
  • Vision improvement
  • Sleep improvement
  • Heightened sex drive


Looking at the list this seems like amazing benefits, but for bodybuilders most of these are vital to their competition.

Bodybuilding and Supplement Usage

A study showed that out of 236 collegiate athletes 88% of them used one or more dietary supplements. This is not to say that they all used HGH supplementation, but to give you an idea of how widely used supplements are.

The bodybuilding community is well known for supplement use alongside a proper diet program. The reason is because these men and women put their bodies through tremendous intensities to encourage muscle growth and definition.

The human body is quite strong and able to endure through a lot of training. But when you train for 4 hours daily, or even twice a day, your body begins to negatively react in different ways.

One of the defenses your body will do is use muscle proteins to promote energy after glucose levels have been depleted. This is called catabolism, which basically means your muscles are being destroyed.

Muscle destruction would be a nightmare for a person who is trying hard to gain muscle. This is when supplementation comes in to help prevent this from occurring.

The bodybuilding industry heavily relies on the use of supplements ranging from protein powders, creatine, and even HGH.

How HGH Boosts Bodybuilding Potential

Cellular repair is one of the primary benefits that bodybuilders will receive from increased HGH production. One study discusses how human growth hormones increase the healing rate of wounds when at peak levels.

When you participate in resistance training for long enough duration, you cause microscopic tears in your muscle fibers. This is an internal wound that needs to be healed in order for muscles to grow more effectively. Plus bodybuilders need their muscles fully repaired for the next day’s training session.

The recovery cycle takes place through protein synthesis, which is when your body uses protein that has been digested to replace the damaged proteins found within your muscle fibers. This process requires anabolic hormones such as HGH to make it possible.

Low HGH levels showed that protein synthesis did not occur as well when those participants in the research did not receive HGH increases. The end result was muscle loss due to the fact that protein synthesis was not heightened, and the resistance caused too much muscular stress for the body to recover without the use of muscle mass.

Human growth hormones also promote lipolysis, which is the breakdown of fats that can be used for energy. The ability to drop body fat quickly is important for a bodybuilder since fat decreases the ability for muscles to show properly.

This hormone also promotes the effect of skin firming, which bodybuilders desire for a different reason than those looking to decrease the appearance of aging.

In order for muscle definition to appear clearly, the skin must be tight and firm.Increasing muscle growth does allow this to happen, but boosting the effects of skin tightening benefits bodybuilders even more for competition readiness.

Your blood pressure can be lowered as well with high HGH levels. Many bodybuilders routinely use supplements such as nitric oxide boosters and pre workout supplements that contain heart rate increasing ingredients.

When these supplements are used often, the bodybuilder may become at risk of developing high blood pressure. Using an HGH supplement would help balance out the use of other supplements, and possibly prevent them from causing any side effects.

Lastly, a bodybuilder will benefit from HGH because it increases the quality of sleep and promotes better muscle recovery. One study shows how the secretions of natural growth hormones are at their peak while in deep REM sleep.

Without proper rest your body doesn’t have the ability to “reset”, which could seriously affect your performance levels.

How to Supplement with HGH for Bodybuilding

The bodybuilding community has been quite fond of supplementing with HGH, but many have given this effective hormone enhancer a bad reputation. There are various methods to receive human growth hormones such as:

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  • Topical – On the skin through oils and lotions
  • Sublingual – Under the tongue
  • Oral – HGH in capsules or tablets you swallow
  • Injections – HGH is given directly through a needle


The injectable version is illegal unless administered by a medical professional. This method of HGH use has made the bodybuilding community look bad, and is potentially harmful to perform injections.

First, you would have to know where to inject HGH, and how much of the hormone to inject with. The primary reason most users don’t see results from HGH is because they inject too much as noted in this study.

Side effects could range from gynecomastia, which is the least of your worries. Serum doses of HGH have been shown to induce liver damage, hypertension, and fluid retention as well.

Fluid retention is something to be worried about not just medically, but also because it will fill your muscles with water. High dosages of HGH can cause other severe medical problems and prevent your body from making use of it.

On the other hand, dosing that is too low will be ineffective as well. This is one of the reasons why many of people prefer HGH in oral and sublingual forms since they’re accurate per dosing.

Aside from injectable HGH being harmful for your body, you also would have to think of the costs. Prescription use costs hundreds of dollars monthly, and if you have a doctor performing the injections it could be much more than that.

It’s a scary thought taking a hormone enhancer that could possibly hurt you in the long run, but there are safer alternatives to injecting such as the oral and sublingual HGH supplements.

Sytropin - Natural HGH Supplement

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Injectable HGH is just not the way to go even if lots of bodybuilders discuss its application. Then you have oral supplementation where you swallow a pill to be broken down during digestion.

The issue with this is that HGH has been shown to be ineffective when swallowed since it’s not capable of surviving past the digestive track.

All the signs and studies on HGH point to sublingual use as the safest and most effective way to supplement with hormone enhancers. This study shows how much more effective sublingual supplementation is since the hormone directly enters your body as fast as possible.

Not as quick when compared to injections, but it’s the next step down from it.Sytropin is not only safer because of how you consume it, but the ingredients make this human growth hormone supplement different from injections.

As mentioned, injected HGH is pure hormones entering your body. Plus it’s highly unstable and can be easily unusable without medical grade care of the product.

The HGH supplement Sytropin differs because it encourages natural growth hormone production instead of direct hormone insertion.

What this means is the ingredients used within the supplement are well known for boosting the secretion of HGH from the pituitary gland, which is safe because it’s not inserting artificial hormones.

Sytropin contains an assortment of amino acids proven in clinical studies to have beneficial effects for increasing natural HGH levels. This study shows how effective lysine and arginine are when dosed together for HGH boosting capability.

These amino acids are only two of several beneficial ingredients. Another one to take note of is L-Dopa bean extract, which one study discusses how effective L-Dopa is for natural HGH production without harmful side effects.

Essentially every ingredient in Sytropin is safe for your body when in appropriate doses.

How to Boost HGH Naturally

Since your body is capable of naturally producing this hormone, you want to consume foods that are known for boosting its effects.

Sytropin is highly effective when paired with a healthy diet and exercise routine, so you definitely don’t want to rely just on supplementation alone.

Pineapple is one of the top foods to consume before bed for HGH production as noted in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology. Coconut oil is also noted for boosting HGH 30-90 minutes after it had been administered.

Grass fed beef is also highly notable for consumption to boost HGH. This type of red meat contains nearly all the amino acids proven to stimulate the pituitary gland.

You do have to watch how much you consume though since it’s high in saturated fat.Nuts are great snacks to consume not only for their protein and fats, but also because they contain high amounts of arginine in natural form.

Most every nut falls into this category, but a few may not contain high arginine content.From a bodybuilding perspective, a new type of food that you consume for hormone production is whey protein.

This well-known supplement is packed with amino acids, but only helpful if you purchase ones that are in their organic state. Denatured protein has little value for HGH production.

Exercise is vital for every bodybuilder to actually increase muscle size, and it just so happens that HGH is at its peak in secretion following an intense workout.

Simply performing a few sets of pushups is just not going to cut it. Follow a proper training program that lasts 45 minutes to an hour for best HGH results.

Essentially if you consume the HGH boosting nutrients, train properly, and dose with Sytropin, you are almost guaranteed to notice some effects on your hormone levels.

Results will vary for each person, but you should be able to benefit greatly when all factors are combined.The reason HGH supplements don’t work properly is simply because the user expects it to do everything for them.

A supplement only aids your exercise routine and diet, but never to take place of it.Always follow the directions given on Sytropin’s supplement label for best results.

Now you are ready to take this information and start bodybuilding more effectively by means of natural HGH increases.

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