How to Get a Big Ass

So, let's step away from my normal, “eat, exercise, eat”, Advise and just go for the gusto.

Getting a big ass, fast, easy and without really working for it.  But don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to give you that eat cheeseburgers all day B.S, that's still bad advice.

Sure you might be able to get a little more jiggle when you walk by eating like a hog, but the jiggle will be from your belly, waist and sagging cheeks. That doesn't sound too appealing does it.

Eating trashy foods will take a toll on your energy levels, make your skin greasy, damages your hormone levels and actually change your body odor.

What I will do is tell you what supplements works and what you should eat to get a big ass without getting a clogged arteries.

If you're really thin and have trouble gaining weight because you can't eat enough, have a super fast metabolism or are just scared of getting belly fat.

Don’t worry, these supplement work for girls with fast metabolisms and small appetites. Remember overeating and junk food for a prolonged period is what makes you fat, not eating right.

First, The Supplements!

I’m going to give you two great supplements that any girl can use to get a bigger bottom. But first, understand, you don’t need to take both, it all depends on your goals and where your body is now.

For the maximum effect, you can take both. But, keep an eye out for adverse reactions. Its really unlikely, but still possible. If you decide to add both to your supplement regime start with one for a few days, then add the other.

The first is a weight gainer for girls that are too skinny, cant gain weight, have a fast metabolism or low appetite. The second supplement is for hormone balance.

This is for girls with no body shape, gain weight in all the work places or need to enhance their curves.

Weight Gainer For Girls with a Fast Metabolism

This is strong medication and the pill I had in mind when I mentioned the precaution above. I’m sure you have already seen an ad for this stuff here or even on TV. It works and most girls see results within the first month or so.

CB-1 really is one of the most potent weight gainers out that a girl can take. Although it's been getting a lot of attention lately, CB1 has been around for quite some time.

The first time I have ever heard of it was a couple of years ago. I was working with a client recovering from an auto accident that had left her bedridden and immobile for a couple of months.

With no physical activity and no appetite she had started to wither away do to atrophy.

CB-1 increased her appetite dramatically and every thing she ate sticked, it was as if the food was literally injected under her skin.

I know, that sounds weird, sorry, but that what it seemed like. I should also mention, she was using their shakes in addition to her usual diet.

This stuff is clinically strong, your appetite explodes, your metabolism slows down and your ass gets bigger. Or it should, as long as your hormones levels are balanced, which brings us to the next supplement in this stack.

More Estrogen, Means More Butt

There are a lot of great hormonal support supplements out there for woman. One of my favorite is Maca, it's cheap easy to add to your supplement regime, safe and effective.

I use a form of Maca extracts every few months. I cycle on for a couple of months, than when my pills or powder runs out, i stop for a few months.

I have been using Maca that way for a very long time, and my booty looks great.

Maca Extracts in pill form are probably the best way to get started. Pills are quick, easy and potent. You're able to get the effective dose of Maca, about 1600 mg in one capsule, so it's super convenient.

After a while and if you make yourself protein shakes on the daily, try adding Maca Powder to your protein shake.

These guys make some powerful organic Macca pills, Get them here from Amazon. Although they cost a little more, its a blend of different Maccas and 180, 500mg pills per. So the price is worth it.

If you have tried Maca before but haven't had much success, try this brand or look into Aguaje Powder.

The only thing I don't like about Aguaje is that it's very difficult to get a good potent source outside south America. Try this link for Aguaje powder, it's where I get my powder from.

Getting a Big Ass Plan

Like I said, this is how to get a bigger butt without hitting the gym. So no exercise routine is needed. It's just food, supplements and tracking your gains. Start by looking at yourself in the mirror.

If you want snap a pick for future comparison. I’m not into jumping on the scale for a couple of reasons.

First, unless you're really trying to gain a massive amount of weight fast, over 15lb, the scales going to be inaccurate. Body weight fluctuates 5lb to 10lb all the time.

It depends on what time of day it is, how much food you recently ate and water retention. It's not a bad idea to get a starting weight, but don't live by the scale. Live by the mirror and complements.

Second, your weight will shift. What I mean, you may lose some belly fat, while gaining some on your hips, thighs, but and even breasts.

Maca, Aguaje and especially Bovine Ovary extracts are known to increase estrogen, increase fat storage where you want it and lean out belly fat. To me that's the ultimate goal, smaller waist and bigger curves.

The Meal Plan

I’m not going to get to in depth with what to eat. I have already covered a meal plan and diet routine in a few other articles. Plus, this article is already long enough. What I will tell you is eat right and more of it.

Eat foods high in good fats like fish, nuts and other plant based oils. I love coconut butter, it makes everything taste better. bypass regular butter and margarine, use coconut butter for everything you cook.

For raw foods use olive oil, pour some of it on your salads or even add a tablespoon to your protein shakes.

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