Inner Thigh Workouts

On our quest for a great butt and flat belly, we tend to ignore other parts of our body. Most lower body workouts do a great job of targeting multiple muscles and groups, for example squats.

The bad part is that even with all the muscle groups squats target, they barely trigger the inner thighs.

This means that if your routine doesn't include at least a few moments dedicated to the inner thigh muscles, they will almost be ignored.

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Why Should You Work out the Inner Thigh?

Maybe you don't think it's a big deal or that the inner thighs don't really need the attention. Well, here's the problem, toning these muscles (adductor’s) isn't only about getting a thigh gap.

The Adductor muscles help add shape your legs, support the growth of other muscles like your booty and increase core strength.

So, if you think you have hit a training and growth plateau, it may be time to focus on those Adductor’s. Stronger Adductor’s can get your squats ups, add a few more crunches to your set and just boost overall performance.

As far as your figure is concerned, these muscles give shape to your legs. Toned thighs look tighter and give the legs form. Along with a bigger hips and a nice rump, this can make your legs look plump and full. If you already have a muscular butt and hips, your legs will take on what's know as ballerina legs.

Inner thigh Muscles Anatomy

Meet the inner thigh, a group of muscles commonly known as the Adductors.

Let's take a second to look at the two major muscles.

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  • Gracilis - This is a long flat muscle that stretches from the top inner thigh all the way down to the knee.
  • Sartorius - This is also a long flatter muscle, but unlike the Gracilis, this one runs up the front.
  • Adductor Magnus - A larger triangular shaped muscle that makes a three point connection to the thigh. The Brevis and Longus are part of this Adductor group.

Inner Thight Muscles

The other muscle also play a role, but smaller and considered to be stabilizers.

When doing Adductor style exercises, all these muscles are targeted. Adducting to the front will trigger more of the Sartorius, adducting to the rear will target more Gracilis.

Tip: When doing knee raises, have you have ever notice more of the burn on the Sartorius muscles instead of the abs? Is so, try putting your heels together, toes slightly apart and bend the knees. Your legs will naturally open up a little in this position. Just making this adjustment will take your inner thigh muscles out of the picture. Inturn, you abs will take all the slack.

Targeting and Shaping the Inner Thighs

Ok, great, so right now you're wondering what to do with this info or how can it possibly help you, right? Although the details may seem useless, they are far from it.

Just jumping on the Adductor machine and popping out a few set without knowing how they affect you is useless.

Next time you try to work out your adductor’s, put your focus on the targeted muscles, instead of just squeezing away. Plugging through your routine will never give results.

The secret to gains is developing that mind muscle connection. Feel the fibers contract and mentally zone into that area with every rep.

If you're ready we can get started with a great 10 minute workout routine that doesn't require any equipment and you can do at home.

Inner Thigh Workouts at Home

This is a great workout routine with some exercises to slim inner thighs. I say slim down because this is a high intensity, high rep routine.

This short workout can help you get rid of some of the inner thigh fat as well as tone the muscles. Check out this full 10 minute workout video for targeting the inner thighs here...

Always stretch before and after any routine. I noticed that in this video they go straight to the routine. That doesn't mean you should, pace yourself and do what’s right for you.

Any discomfort may be a warning sign, stop and check your form. If pain continues, stop and try again later if possible.

Also, by pain and discomfort, I don't mean muscle burn or tiredness, I mean, joint pain, clicking or anything else.The burn is your friend!

The Routine

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  • Inner thigh W’s - It's a small movement that will get your muscles warmed up and ready to go. Remember to keep your leg elevated and engaged.
  • Ski Squats to inner thigh lifts - This is a killer, remember to rotate the the kick to the inner thigh, this is the part that tones and targets.
  • Scissor Kicks - A great way to get the entire core involved. Your abdominals should be involved and tight throughout. By spreading slowly and fully you can get a better stretch.
  • Thigh Squeezes - In this video a training physio ball is used. You can use anything, but an Exercise ball is recommended. If you don't have a stability ball, you can use a rolled up towel.

Note: A Stability Ball is a worthwhile investment for any girl that works out at home. Not only is it the most versatile workout tool, you can manage to get an entire workout don with just this one item if you wanted.

Prices can range from $9 to $40, the cheaper version is a waste of money and $40 for a physio ball seems to be a little much. I have had my physio ball for about 3 years now and it cost me about $25. If your interested, its the Black Mountain Stability Ball with Pump, available at Amazon.

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  • Squat Jacks - I love these and after a set you will know why. Squat jacks burn the inner and outer thighs. Add this to your routine and see results within a few weeks. Using a resistance band will increase intensity.
  • Plank Rotation Kicks - Getting the entire core involved. This variation of planks is a great way to get to your belly fat as well love handles.
  • Inner Leg Lifts - We should all be familiar with this exercise. Just pay attention to form.
  • Lateral Hops - Single leg hops are not for everyone. If you have knee problems you can skip this one.

That's it, you're done. If you managed to make it through the entire routine keep going. Once you get the routine memorized, you will be able to condense it into about 5 minutes. this makes it easy to add as a secondary workout.

You can do it in the morning if you hit the gym later or before you get in the shower at the end of the day.

Inner Thigh Workouts with Weights

For the girls that are more advanced or would rather use weights for resistance, here is a couple of tips.

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  • Sumo Squats - with dumbbell or a barbell will do a great job of targeting the major leg muscles, while putting a little more focus on the inner thighs.
  • Side Lunges - Can also be done with a barbell or dumbbells. You will get the entire leg involved with more focus on the inner and outer thighs.

Although there is literally hundreds of exercises and variations that exist, keep it simple. You will see people in the gym doing outrageous things like standing on a stability ball while doing a squat / military press hybrid, don’t fall for it.

Not only do they make no sense, those tactics are dangerous and can lead to injury.

When using weights keep the movements simple and concentrated. If you're using body weight, for a higher rep routine, always warm up first, jerky motions pull muscles.

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