Quickest Way To Get a Bigger Booty

No one like to wait for anything nowadays. So when it comes to a bigger booty, we want to see results as soon as possible.

We all know that diet and exercise is the key to gaining and maintaining a great booty.

The problem is that that takes time, not really that much, but more than your willing to spend. Its hot out and the summer took your by surprise.

Now its time to hit the beach and you have to look good in just a few weeks. How can you whip that bikini butt into shape fast? Let's get into a few points!

Getting a Bigger Butt FAST!

There is no time to get into the whole gym routine thing going. You need a booty that's bigger, firmer and flatter quick. There is only a few ways you can grow that butt that quickly.

Here's how to get a bigger butt fast

Gain weight, that's the number one fastest way to get a booty. You're not going to be able to add a few pounds in a couple of weeks by just eating, no matter how hard you try.

But luckily, there are a couple of supplement that can help you see results right away.

CB-1 Weight Gainer

You may have heard of it before or seen the ads on TV or the net. The reason it's so popular is because it works. CB-1 is a medical grade weight gainer, not your typical GNC supp.

It doesn’t matter if your a skinny teen, elderly and trying to keep a healthy body weight, or just a girl that's looking to add on a few quick pounds. CB-1 works and it starts to work fast.

I know so many girls that have used this gainer and have seen results within the first two weeks. Its definitely the go to for really quick booty gains. You can get CB-1 Here

Fast Food

Fast Food Burger

I know, but if you're looking for a butt that quick you're going to have to result fast and cheap calories.

Its high carb, high fat and depending on what you get high protein. To tell you the truth, that's not why fast food works so good.

The real reason fast food makes you look fatter is because of all the sodium. Foods that are high in sodium make you retain water.

That can make your whole body look a little thicker in just a few days.

I once spent a week in Mexico. That entire week all I did was eat from the free buffet.

I had gouged on the breakfast buffet, lunch buffet and dinner for about 3 days when I noticed my whole body was bigger.

From my toes to  my arms. Everything looked fatter.

I started to wonder why?, it didn't take long for me to figure out. It was all that high sodium foods, I was retaining water at record levels.

It didn't last long. Not even two days after I had returned from the trip, my body was back to normal.

I wouldn’t recommend it, but if your desperate, that's one thing your can try.

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