Secret to Getting Thicker Thighs

It is all booty all the time, legs and thighs play a huge role in your appearance and will definitely make you look great. But for some of us, getting thicker thighs can be tricky. Lets figure out what your “thigh goals” are and how we can achieve them.

First, why would you want to thicken up your thighs to start with, are your legs thin, or are you looking to add some shape?

It’s important to realize that these two goals are actually totally separate from one another. For example, your thighs may already have decent size but lack shape.

This can make them look a little less juice than they are. In this case I would suggest toning up first before trying to add some more girth to those legs.

Are your legs really thin? Some girls actually, really have thin “chicken legs”, no is that really your issue.

If it is, you need to add some weight!, but don’t run off pounding down cheeseburgers.

We will get really technical with this and try to only add the weight where we want it, butt, thighs and hips..not the tummy.

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Self Assessment

OK, so where do you really stand. Most girls make a huge mistake when judging their appearance. We want to be precise, have a clear target and goals.

In order to do this and be super effective, let's first find out what we have to work with. Find a friend and a full body mirror. Ask your friend to stand in front of the mirror and check if their reflection is what you see in person.

The reason for this is because some mirrors, like the ones in most gyms can skew the reflection. Kind of like funny mirrors at a carnival, they can make you look thinner or thicker than you actually are.

If the mirror matches what you see with your own eyes, jump in front and assess yourself. When judging your thighs you don’t want to stand forward, that would be your hips, to get wider hips read this.

You want to check out your side profile and even compare it to your friends.

Do your Thighs need Size or Shapes

Don’t worry, it’s easy to tell what’s the best route for your goals. While in front of the mirror, ask yourself this:

Is there any shape to your thighs?For example, what shape best describes the shape of your legs, a cone or a cylinder? If its a cylinder, is it a thin or thick cylinder.

The Cylinder

Don’t get mad at me, but your legs are shapeless. It doesn’t matter if your thighs are thick or thin, shape should be your first goal, we can add more size to your thighs a little later.

Cone Shape

Ok, your a little ahead of the game. We want to keep those legs in shape and add some size to your thighs with a better diet.

Thin Shapeless Legs

before we get any further, I wanted to add an exception to the rule, maybe a little contradictory to what I said above.

Let’s say your legs are really thin and shapeless. In this case we are going to do a combination of both techniques, gain weight and train.

Adding Size to Your Thighs

Let’s get into the good stuff, getting thicker thighs that will look super sexy! We are going to break this up into 2 parts, diet and exercise. But, unlike most guides you might run into online, let’s cater this to your specific needs.

Basically, if you have thick shapeless legs, your going to want to lean up your diet and increase your training intensity.

Thin Shapeless legs, your going to want to increase your calories by following my diet here and go less intensive with your routine.

If your legs have shape, but you want to get thicker thighs, you’re going to need to add calories as needed to your diet and moderate your routine.

Rules to Getting thicker Thighs

#1 Don’t Do Cardio

Cardio is good for exactly what it sounds like, cardio. It’s not going to help you gain or shape your legs. If you truly want to increase the size of your thighs, you will need to use your gym time more effectively.

#2 Don’t Over Train

So what’s over training? We used to think that working out the same muscle groups more than once a week was over-training, it’s not.

It’s perfectly fine to workout the same muscles more than once in a week. What over-training really is, is when you go over your sets or add more to your routine in the same day.

#3 Eat Right

It’s harder to lose fat than it is to gain it. Make sure you’re eating properly and not overdoing it. Although eating pizza everyday will add size to your thighs, it will also make your belly fat and take away from your overall appearance. Time your carb intake around your routine and eat plenty of healthy fats.

#4 Lift Weights

Don’t worry about getting too muscular. Weight lifting will produce noticeable results quicker than cardio. Lifting burns more fat, tones muscles and adds shape. Lifting weights will also trigger targeted gains. For example, if you squat and time your carb intake, you will notice a difference sooner.

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