The Best Collagen Supplements For 2017 And Beyond

Aging is something we all dread, but also has the evil tendency to creep up on us without us knowing.

It is only until the morning we get out of the shower and look into the mirror and notice those lines on our foreheads, the crow’s feet around our eyes, and those fine lines around the mouth.

What happened?

We all wish the Fountain of Youth was real, and we all wish there was a way to rewind time.

Although we can’t rewind time or stop the aging process, there are things we can do to slow it down, and make it not so noticeable… No, we aren’t talking about surgery, painful or dangerous injections or any other dangerous solutions.

We are talking about the safest, natural methods possible: natural collagen and the best collagen supplements.

[amazon box="B00K0U6BH6" title="Neocell Super Collagen Plus C Type 1 And 3" image_size="medium"]
  • 3 Bottles of 250.
  • Builds Bone Matrix. Corrects Weak And Damaged Nail Beds
  • Repairs Connective Tissues For Improved Elasticity.
  • Promotes Wound Healing And a Clearer Complexion.
  • Increase Skin Firmness And Hydration.

Did you know that we lose 1 to 2 percent of collagen every year after the age of 30?

In this article we will review what natural collagen is, the benefits, the key differences between collagen type and the best collagen supplements that help promote health and strength in the skin, hair, and nails, as well as a number of other crucial benefits to the body.

Not only will the benefits of collagen likely surprise you, they can also help you to fight back against aging.

What is Collagen, and What is It Made Of?

You might recognize collagen as an ingredient in your favorite body lotion or perhaps you have noticed supplements and other products that contain it while browsing the vitamin aisle at your local pharmacy.

But what is collagen, exactly ­­— and is it something that you should be getting more of?

Collagen is an active, vital protein found naturally in bones, muscles, skin, digestive system and tendons.

Collagen is a vital protein or natural substance that gives our skin strength and elasticity, and what holds the body together.

However, there are different types of collagen. The natural collagen that is the vital protein found in the body is collagen type I.

Our body’s natural collagen production begins to slow down as we age.

When we think of the visible signs of aging that we all dread, such as fine lines and wrinkles, this is because the body is producing less collagen, resulting in weaker muscles and decreased cartilage.

Additionally, other lifestyle factors, such as poor diet, smoking, and excess sun exposure and damage can all contribute to decreased natural collagen levels.

Studies have also proven that reduced natural collagen is also a result of genetics, nutritional deficiencies, and digestive problems.

Additionally, other lifestyle factors, such as eating a poor diet, smoking, and excess sun exposure can all contribute to decreased collagen levels.

Studies have also proven that reduced collagen is also a result of genetics, nutritional deficiencies, and digestive problems.

However, making lifestyle changes and taking collagen supplements can help combat these issues as well as help slow down the aging process.

Read on to learn more about the best collagen supplements and how they can help boost natural collagen levels in the body, promote healthy skin, and even aid in other conditions.

The Facts Behind Collagen

As you are reading this, you are likely thinking about how good collagen really is for you.

We are about to show you… Before you can understand the most important benefit of collagen, and how it can really help improve hair and skin health as well as help treat a number of other conditions, such as digestive issues, you first need to understand how natural collagen is produced as well as the amino acids that go into it.

Collagen actually contains up to 19 different amino acids, including proline, glycine, and glutamine, just to name a few.

In fact, proline and glycine are the two primary types of amino acids that are found in collagen that are present in meats. And, unfortunately, these are also the two that most people lack.

There are also many different types of collagen, which we will explore later in this article.

All in all, the presence of these essential amino acids is crucial.

However, when you’re sick, under a lot of physical or emotional stress, or otherwise unhealthy, your body may not be able healthy or strong enough to produce these amino acids on its own.

The body then needs help from outside sources, mainly your diet or by taking a dietary supplement to get its fill.

What is The Difference Between Collagen Type?

Did you know that there are also different types of collagen? Some types of collagen are found naturally in the body whereas others are found in supplements and even in some of the foods we eat every day.

Here is a breakdown of the different types of collagen as well as their functions and benefits.

Collagen Type I: This is considered to be the strongest and best type of collagen as it is naturally found in the human body.

As we explained briefly above, this is the type of collagen that is made up of eosinophilic fibers, which are found in the tendons, ligaments, organs and even the skin, giving it that stretchy and elastic quality, which is essential for keeping skin tissue together and promotes youthful skin!

Type 1 collagen is also important for bone broth and muscles, and can be found in the GI tract, making it also important for healing and treating digestive or other GI issues.

Collagen Type II: Collagen Type II: Collagen type II primarily helps build cartilage, which helps keep joints healthy and reduces the risk for joint pain or arthritis as we age.

Type II collagen is also used in a variety of oral collagen supplements, which we will review later in this article.

Collagen Type III: Type 3 collagen is another major component to help keep our organs and skin healthy.

Type 3 collagen is usually found with collagen type i, which also helps us keep our skin looking and feeling healthy. It also helps form blood vessels and tissue within the heart, both of which are important for cardiovascular health.

In fact, a deficiency in type 3 collagen has resulted in ruptured blood vessels and even death.

Collagen Type IV: Collagen type IV is also found within the digestive and respiratory organs, helping to avoid risks of GI related conditions and issues and keeping us feeling good.

Collagen Type V: This type of collagen is essential for constructing cells in hair strands to help promote and maintain healthy hair growth.

Additionally, collagen type V has also been found in the tissue within women’s placentas, which has proven to help develop the uterus during pregnancy and also deliver oxygen and nutrients to the baby.

Collagen Type X: Type 10: Type 10 aids in the formation of new bones and cartilage. This is important for maintaining strong and healthy bones, bone broth, and help repair bone fractures.

Top Benefits of Collagen

You may be surprised to discover that collagen provides the body with a number of other benefits, in addition to promoting and maintaining healthy hair and skin…

Read on to learn about the top benefits of collagen.

Improves Health of Skin and Hair

As we mentioned above, collagen production is significantly reduced as we age, resulting in the appearance of looser, saggier skin, wrinkles and fine lines, and even more persistent joint pains.

However, increasing natural collagen levels in your body can help tighten the skin, making it look firmer, and also restore and repair skin cells to help keep your hair and skin looking healthy and to also help maintain that youthful skin glow.

For example, studies have shown that the addition of up to five grams of collagen hydrolysate in women between the ages of 35 and 55 on a daily basis for approximately eight weeks resulted in the following improvements:

[list icon="icon: angle-double-right" icon_color="#0fb157"]
  • Skin elasticity
  • Increased moisture levels in the skin
  • Reduced the appearance and presence of flaky, itchy or irritated skin caused by dryness
  • Reduced the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, and skin dimpling
  • Skin smoothness

As a result, collagen hydrolysate has become one of the best and natural skin care ingredients available, which we will discuss in greater detail later in this article.

In fact, studies have actually shown that collagen hydrolysate, or also known as hydrolyzed collagen can help reduce the appearance and depth of wrinkles and fine lines in the skin, promoting healthy skin and youthful skin.

Reduces Joint Pains

Have you noticed as you have gotten older that you are experiencing more joint pains, stiffness in the morning, and more general aches and pains?

Many people laugh it off claiming they are “just getting old”, however, they are closer to the truth than they might think.

The loss or reduction in collagen is the cause.

As we age and lose collagen, our tendons, ligaments, and muscles don’t move as easily, which can cause more stiffness, swollen joints, sore muscles and even the onset of painful joint conditions, such as Arthritis.

However, you can combat these aging issues by boosting your collagen levels.

This is because collagen is a protein substance that holds the bones together, allowing us to move and glide with ease and without pain.

In fact, recent studies have shown that collagen supplement treatments have helped patients suffering from severe joint pain and even osteoarthritis as well as a number of other disorders.

The presence of collagen has also resulted in significant improvements in daily functions and activities, such as walking upstairs, sleeping, and a general improvement in the quality of life.

Furthermore, researchers at Harvard’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston found that dispensing collagen type II in patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis resulted in pain relief and even decreased swelling in joints and tendons.

Treats Leaky Gut

You may have heard of Leaky Gut syndrome or you may suffer from this condition.

Other than perhaps making you cringe, leaky gut syndrome is a condition that allows harmful toxins to pass through the digestive tract, which can damage the stomach lining over time.

The most common symptoms of leaky gut syndrome is excessive gas, bloating, stomach cramps and pains and even general aches and pains.

However, physicians claim that leaky gut syndrome aren’t limited to the symptoms mentioned above.

Leaky gut syndrome symptoms can be unique depending on the person.

One of the most effective ways to treat leaky gut syndrome is by altering diet, reducing stress, and increase collagen levels.

You may wonder what increasing collagen levels has to do with treating a digestive problem, however, collagen has proven to help break down proteins, soothe the stomach lining, and repairing and healing damaged cell walls by the use of healing amino acids.

Today, we know that many stomach illnesses are related to inflammation or irritation from an “upset” or unhealthy or weak stomach, including Celiac’s Disease and other bowel conditions.

Because the amino acids in collagen help build the tissue within the colon and GI tract, consuming a collagen supplement can actually help treat these stomach illnesses, and reduce uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms and disorders, including leaky gut syndrome, Celiac’s Disease, IBS, acid reflux, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, just to name a few.

In addition to help treating and healing stomach conditions, the increased presence of collagen can also help intestine function, which can help move things out of the body.

Improves Metabolism and Boosts Muscle Mass

Numerous studies have concluded that an increase in collagen levels can help boost metabolism, muscle mass, and bone health.

This is why collagen is often used to help treat people suffering with osteoarthritis, as we explored above.

Muscle tissue is created when glucose in the body is converted to energy. These energy levels basically “feed” muscles, which results in the growth of muscle mass as well as boosts energy levels in the body.

Not only is this important for the avid athlete, but also for when we age. Maintaining muscle mass will help support posture and promote bone health, reducing risks for bone conditions, such as osteoporosis.

Not only does the presence of collagen help boost metabolism, increase energy levels, and help maintain bone health and muscle mass, it’s important to remember that muscles also burn more calories than fat.

Therefore, consuming a collagen supplement on a regular basis may give your body what it needs to boost energy levels, burn more calories, which helps burn fat.

Strengthens Nails, Hair, and Teeth

Are you frustrated with splitting or peeling nails, or nails that seem to break easily?

Increasing collagen levels can help this. In fact, collagen is an important protein that helps improve strength in the nails, hair, and teeth.

Therefore, taking a collagen supplement can help keep your hair, nails, and teeth strong and even help reduce hair loss.

Furthermore, studies have shown that collagen has aided in the regeneration process in hair follicles, which can help reduce hair loss and even treat other skin-related diseases.

Improves Liver Health

If you are trying to reduce harmful toxins and substances in your body or improve blood flow, cardiovascular functions, and promote liver health, then collagen might be the answer.

Glycine is an essential amino acid that helps form collagen and gelatin. This amino acid can help minimize damage your liver experiences when it absorbs foreign substances, toxins or alcohol that shouldn’t be passing through it.

Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Proline is another amino acid used by the body to produce collagen.

Proline has proven to help artery walls reduce and remove fat buildup in the bloodstream, and even minimize the accumulation of fat and control blood pressure, improving overall cardiovascular health.

Proline can also help repair joints and arteries. Studies have also shown that the presence of proline can also reduce the risks of arteriosclerosis, which is a condition that causes hardening of the arteries.

The Best Collagen Supplements

The truth is that consuming oral collagen supplements on a regular basis has proven to provide a lot of great benefits to the body.

In fact, according to a study conducted in 2014 that involved using oral collagen hydrolysate (CH) as a supplement, results showed a significant improvement in skin elasticity, particularly with elderly women.

Collagen (CH) also showed a positive improvement in skin moisture levels. No side effects were reported during the study.

Furthermore, studies have shown that daily consumption of oral collagen supplements can improve skin elasticity, moisture, and promote overall skin health as well as reduce the visible signs of aging.

Now that you understand more about collagen, collagen type, and the benefits, which collagen supplements are best for skin and hair health, reducing signs of aging, and promoting overall health?

Read on for a comprehensive review of the top collagen supplements, including collagen pills, capsules, and powders.

Collagen Pills and Capsules

Super Collagen C

[amazon box="B00K0U6BH6" title="Neocell Super Collagen Plus C Type 1 And 3" image_size="medium"]
  • 3 Bottles of 250.
  • Builds Bone Matrix. Corrects Weak And Damaged Nail Beds
  • Repairs Connective Tissues For Improved Elasticity.
  • Promotes Wound Healing And a Clearer Complexion.
  • Increase Skin Firmness And Hydration.

Super Collagen C by NeoCell Laboratories is one of the top-rated collagen pills that are best for giving the body its daily dose of type 1 collagen, type 3 collagen, and super collagen, which we already know is the best type of collagen.

Super Collagen C helps build bone strength and health, helps repair and restore strength in the hair and nails, and also repairs skin tissue, restoring elasticity, firmness, hydration and strength.

Super Collagen C also helps improve blood circulation and wound healing for an overall clearer complexion and youthful glow.

NeoCell Super Collagen C manufacturers recommend taking at least two capsules daily on an empty stomach, which helps the body absorb the maximum amount of collagen.

The capsules are coated, which makes them easy to swallow.

Collagen C Hydrolysate

[amazon box="B00546EMCC" title="Premium Collagen Hydrolysate By Alfa Vitamins" image_size="medium"]
  • Intense Collagen And Vit-C Rejuvenation.
  • Skin Nail And Hair Health Support
  • Powerful Anti-Oxidant Formula.
  • Premium Quality - Made In The U.S.A.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee.

You may recall us mentioning collagen hydrolysate (CH) above. This collagen product by Alfa Vitamins is a unique antioxidant formula of collagen hydrolysate (CH) and Vitamin C, making it truly an effective and top-rated collagen pill for anti-aging.

Alfa Vitamins premium collagen hydrolysate (CH) provides the body with the much-needed collagen support as well as a sufficient supply of Vitamin C for maximum skin, hair, and nail rejuvenation.

By containing a generous amount of vitamin C, this oral collagen supplement boosts the body's ability to produce natural collagen.

Alfa Vitamins products are made in the USA, and are made with the finest organic quality, natural ingredients to promote optimum skin health.

Alfa Vitamins and are backed by a risk-free, money-back guarantee. One bottle contains 120 capsules.

Ultra-Potent Hyaluronic Acid Powder (Plant Sourced)

[amazon box="B00YLUC8A0" title="Ultra-Potent Hyaluronic Acid Powder - 10g" image_size="medium"]
  • Very Easy To Use With Just Water.
  • The Only Hyaluronic Acid Powder Available
  • Soft Fluffy Powder, That Leaves Your Skin Soft And Hydrated!.
  • The highest Grade of Hyaluronic Acid Available
  • Gluten-Free | Plant-Based | Ultra-Pure.

This product is a type of collagen powder, which is made with hyaluronic acid for skin-tightening and strength.

Although hyaluronic acid might seem like a dangerous chemical for those who aren’t familiar with it, hyaluronic acid is actually produced naturally by the body and is found in the skin, joints, eyes and other tissues, and also helps to retain collagen levels, which makes this product a top-rated collagen powder.

Hyaluronic acid is proven to help heal and treat fine lines, reduce visibility of wrinkles, tighten and strengthen skin, restore moisture levels in the skin, improve the skin texture, and can also help protect the skin from UV rays.

This product is easier to use as it only involves mixing a tiny pinch of powder with water, which creates a serum.

This product is made with the purest grade of hyaluronic acid available, and there are no additives, parabens, fillers, dyes or fragrances added.

Ultra-Potent Hyaluronic Acid is also gluten-free, oil-free, and vegan, made with 100 percent ultra-pure hyaluronic acid.

NeoCell Super Collagen Powder

[amazon box="B002OGVI0O" title="NeoCell Super Collagen Powder" image_size="medium"]
  • The Original Hydrolyzed Super Collagen+C.
  • In Production Since 1986.
  • Extracted From Only The Dermis (Skin) of Selected Cattle.
  • Made of Pharmaceutical Food-Grade Bovine-Skin Collagen
  • Gluten-Free | Plant-Based | Ultra-Pure.

This is another collagen peptide powder made by NeoCell that also contains bovine collagen and collagen type i and collagen type III, making it another top-rated collagen powder and anti-aging supplement for daily consumption.

This hydrolyzed collagen product is made from 100 percent pure Bovine sources extracted from the skin of grass-fed cattle, making it one of the safest and richest sources of collagen.

This collagen product contains collagen-specific amino acids.

This collagen powder is water soluble with a neutral taste, and is also easy to mix with water or juice. Manufacturers recommend consuming one scoop on a daily basis and mixing it with a Vitamin C juice.

Consume on an empty stomach and wait up to 30 minutes prior to eating.

Peptide Complex Serum by Eva Naturals

[amazon box="B013O70Z3M" title="Peptide Complex Serum by Eva Naturals" image_size="medium"]
  • Peptide Serum Boasts Aloe and Hyaluronic Acid to Smooth Away Wrinkles.
  • Improve Elasticity For a Stunningly Youthful Glow.
  • Vitamin E Helps Make Burns And Scars Problems of The Past.
  • HelpS Fade Discoloration and Brighten Skin.
  • Cruelty Free And Crafted In An FDA-Approved Facility.

This product is another collagen peptide made by Eva Naturals.

Collagen peptides contain powerful anti age properties that tell the body when it’s time to produce more collagen.

This collagen peptide formula contains Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid to help reduce the visible signs of aging and promote skin health.

Additionally, collagen peptides are known as the skin’s natural healing agents, helping to heal wounds, scars, and scratches; protect the skin from damage, dryness, and irritation; and to help skin stay smooth and healthy.

Eva Naturals products are made in an FDA-approved facility in the USA and are not tested on animals.

This product is also backed by a risk-free, money-back guarantee.

LiquiVive Collagen Liquid Protein Supplement

[amazon box="B00UO67ZTY" title="LiquiVive Collagen Liquid Protein Supplement" image_size="medium"]
  • A Proprietary And Essential Anti-Aging Supplement.
  • Also Supports The Reduction of Body Fat.
  • Vastly Superior And Far More Absorbable Than Others.
  • Amazing Anti Aging Benefits From Inside Out.
  • Super Concentrated Formulation.

LiquiVive is a liquid collagen supplement that provides users with another option to consume collagen.

Many believe that powders and pills do not work as well as liquid oral collagen supplements as they can can take time to be broken down and digested by the body.

A liquid collagen supplement is also a great option for users who have difficulty swallowing pills.

Liquid collagen peptides contain an exorbitant amount of amino acids and have been tested to ensure that the body gets the maximum absorption quality possible while also providing the body with the benefits it needs.

Liquid collagen peptides help build and strengthen bones, repairs bone tissue, improves blood circulation, improves the strength of blood vessels, improves skin elasticity, and aids in the wound healing process as well as promotes a clearer and healthier complexion.

Manufacturers recommend one tablespoon with approximately eight ounces of water to be taken on an empty stomach for maximum results.

Refrigerate after opening. Manufacturers also recommend taking for up to 90 days on a consistent basis to see full effects.

Each bottle is 16 fl ounces, which is approximately a 32-day supply.

Collagen Foods

In addition to taking collagen supplements, such as collagen pills, capsules, liquid collagen and oral collagen powders, as well as maintaining a healthy diet can also help naturally boost natural collagen levels in the body, and also help prevent collagen loss altogether.

In fact, here are some of the best nutrients for supporting collagen as well as collagen production and formation in the body:

[list icon="icon: check" icon_color="#0fb157"]
  • Egg whites
  • Meat
  • Cheese
  • Soy
  • Cabbage
  • Blackberries
  • Blueberries
  • Cherries
  • Raspberries
  • Oranges
  • Strawberries
  • Peppers
  • Broccoli
  • Shellfish
  • Nuts
  • Red meat
  • Water
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C

Are There Any Side Effects to Collagen?

Although there haven’t been any negative, harmful or dangerous side effects reported as a result of taking any specific brand of collagen supplement, there can be some negative effects from consuming too much of some ingredients.

For example, high calcium levels and hypersensitivity are two examples of side effects from consuming too much collagen that can result in negative effects.

High Calcium Levels

According to the National Institutes of Health, high calcium levels may be a result of taking too much collagen supplements.

This is particularly true for collagen supplements, specifically collagen pills that derive from shellfish, which contains high levels of calcium.

Normal values for calcium levels range from 8.5 to 10.2 mg. Levels that measure above 10.2 mg is considered dangerously high levels of calcium, which can cause constipation, bone pain, fatigue, nausea, vomiting and even heart palpitations or abnormal heart rhythms.


According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, hypersensitivity reactions occur when the immune system reacts against allergens, such as food, drugs, and supplements.

This reaction is especially important for users who have sensitivities or allergies to any of the collagen-boosting foods mentioned above.

Again, although there aren’t any specific harmful side effects to any oral collagen supplements or specific product brands or collagen type, such as collagen peptide, hydrolyzed collagen or super collagen, this doesn’t mean that users shouldn’t pay attention to levels of vitamins or collagen protein they are consuming.

Taking more oral collagen supplements than what is recommended will not speed up results. Be sure to read all product labels or speak with your healthcare physician before taking collagen supplements.

The Best Collagen Supplements for You

In summary, the many collagen types, collagen proteins, and collagen supplements are incredibly powerful and provide the body with a number of benefits and much-needed amino acids to promote hair, skin, and nail health as well as serve as an aid in other crucial bodily functions, such as digestion, liver function, and even cardiovascular and respiratory health.

All in all, taking an oral collagen supplement on a regular basis can give you the results you are looking for.

However, the amount of collagen consumed on a regular basis should be carefully monitored.

As always, consider speaking with a healthcare physician prior to consuming an oral collagen supplement for anti-aging purposes.

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