Using Fish Oil For A Bigger Booty

Fish oil is one of nature's most beneficial fats. It's high in omega-3 fatty acids and has proven to help reduce inflammation in the body, but can fish oil pills make your butt bigger?

Better Than Fish Oil for Your Butt

The biggest problem with using fish oil for bigger butt is the order, it stinks like fish. So how can you get rid of the fish smell? Simple don't use fish oil.

Any EFA oil can help and the right combination of essential oils may even do a better job of making your booty look plump. As a matter a fact, the study I quoted was done with ...

Curve But Enhancement CreamSunflower seed oil. An oil that has a faint odor and isn't unpleasant. By combining other oils you can see better results and quicker.

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Any you can see why by checking out its ingredients. They are all effective and work.

Like I said, the last thing I ever would have thought of working for butt enhancement was a cream.

Here I am now, With proof that theses creams do work and don't smell like fish!

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Does Fish Oil Make Your Butt Bigger

Fish oil is one of my favorite supplements. It helps me recover from an awesome gym session. Keeps my joints from aching and it's just all around healthy.

But I have never really considered the idea that it may have helped my booty grow bigger. Looking back at it now, it might have had a big part.

I had first started taking fish oil pills after reading all the reviews and benefits it has. Mostly for cardiovascular and to reduce inflammation after working out.

I noticed that after about a week or so I did feel better. Not only did my body not ache as much but my overall mental state was uplifted. Science than fish oil has been a part of my everyday supplement routine.

About that time was also when I had decided to develop more curves. Sure, I knew that a having more healthy fats in my diet would also help with hormones.

More hormones, I thought would mean more curves, I guess I was rights. Since then I have developed a better workout plan, diet and taken supplements to increase my butt size.

The combination worked! My booty is noticeably rounder and definitely bigger than before.

How Fish Oil Makes Your Butt Grow

Simply stated, it's a healthy fat. People are overly concerned with cholesterol now a days. Because of that, allot of us have been cutting down on fats. Unfortunately, your body needs fat for a multitude of reasons.

One of them to maintain healthy hormone levels and a diet with healthy fat make your butt grow. As I have stated before, less hormones a woman produces the less their figure develops.

Hormones Particularly estrogen is what makes a woman look like a woman.

If you have real concerns over cholesterol or have been told to stay away from fats by your doctor, by all means do. If you are healthy, try upping your fat intake, you will see results.

Also because fish oil is a source of omega 3's it's considered a healthy fat. That means it should counteract bad cholesterol.

Another bonus is that more Healthy fat in your diet will make your butt fatter. That's something we have know for a long time.

Girls store fat on their butts and thighs, so having more fat equals but growth. So by just adding fats to your regular diet you should see changes in your body's composition.

Rubbing Fish Oil on Your Butt

This is the part I could Not believe at first, but I may be wrong. There is real evidence to prove it works.

The idea of using any supplement on the skin has always seemed like a scam to me. So when I first came across the notion of actually using fish oil for butt growth, I couldn't believe it.

I thought that you would need to take it orally only to get its benefits. How can applying fish oil on your butt work? Wouldn’t it make you smell all day any way?

So I started to do some research and decided to see what I can find. First I wanted to know ow it was done.

Has anyone tried it and have they seen any results. After a few weeks of research, I couldn't believe what I discovered. It may actually work!

How to Get a Bigger Butt with Fish Oil

Let me start with the standard method then I’ll let you know what actually works better and doesn't stink.

The method most people use that most popular seems to get mixed reviews. Most claims say it works, although when I started to research the method I had to really dig deep.

Some people just rubbed fish oil on their butts then put their clothing on. Some let it dry first and some washed it off after a while. From what I have gathered, this is the best way to do it that has the most positive reviews.

  1. Take a warm shower will open your pores and allow your body to absorb the oils a little better.
  2. Cut open a few fish oil pills and brain the capsules into your hand or a bowl. You can also use the bottled oil, it will make this a lot easier. Be prepared, this stuff has a very strong odor.
  3. You don't need to use more than 2 to 4 pills. You just want enough fish oil to cover your booty. Massage it in, working it all over the area you want to grow.
  4. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes. You can leave your butt bare or cover it up. I have seen some people recommend wrapping it up in plastic wrap. Others saw to use a pair of thin cotton panties. I prefer the panties, as long as they keep the oil on your skin and don't suck it up. Cotton seems to work well, it holds the oil and keeps it on your skin.
  5. Rinse, repeat every day until you get the results you want. Then do it only a few times a week.

Unfortunately, if you stop altogether, you will lose your gains. It works like a very strong moisturiser that plump's up the skin and makes you butt look fuller. Also seems to help you get rid of some cellulite.

Does it Work?

Like I said, at first I thought this was a really dumb that wouldn't do anything. I was wrong, it seems like there is a lot of scientific evidence that proves fish oil really does make your butt grow bigger.

EFA’s can enter your system through your skin and because of the natural of fats, once they pass through your skin they get trapped there.

This article sums up a few studies on this. The oils travel into the skin and increased the fat content of the epidermis.

Not only does it work but in some studies they found out that topical application of EFA oils actually works better than oral. Orally ingesting EFA oils results in up to 60% of it being oxidized by the liver!

It even goes on to say that topical application is a more effective route for receiving the benefits of essential oils!

Since your body will want to use the newly stored up fats, when you stop putting fish oil on your butt, the fat will go away.

At the same rate it took to gain it you will lose it. So it wont happen overnight, but after a couple of weeks your butt will start going back to its normal size.

How Long Does it Take for Fish Oil to Work?

Not to long at all. If you apply this method you should see results within the first two to three weeks. Because it's being absorbed directly the amount you put on starts to collect under the skin.

It is a gradual effect, so take a pick before you start. Comparing before and after pictures will help you see the difference. Take a side and back photo if you can.

Also try to stand in the same spot and with the same lighting. If you have some cellulite you may also notice that they start to become less visible.

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