Why HGH Supplements Are Better Than Injections

As an individual grows older, their natural growth hormone production declines. This results in HGH level dropping, which in turn leads to aging and a number of other various health issues.

Having low levels of the growth hormone (GH) in our bodies encourages aging. This theory might seem abstract but it has been scientifically proven, and it is the reason why HGH supplements were created.

A number of HGH products are available in the market and most of them claim they are the best and most effective. Human growth hormone is available in two forms: pill and injection.

A lot of people seek to know which among the two forms of HGH is better and the safer. It is important for an individual to consult their doctor in order to find out which among the two forms will work depending on their health condition.

Below we look at the reasons why HGH supplements are better than injections.


Any medicine administered by way of injection works fastest in our bodies. HGH injections are very powerful and contain higher amounts of HGH in every dosage.

This makes the practice of injecting HGH into the human body highly controversial due to the potential risks involved.

HGH injections are linked to a number of dangerous side effects like diabetes, hypertension, swelling of joints, organ enlargement, respiratory problems and certain types of cancer.

These scary side effects discourage the medical fraternity from recommending HGH injections for anti-aging purposes.

On the other hand, there are studies that have shown that administration of HGH orally is an efficient method for replacing the growth hormone in our bodies.

They are far safer than the HGH injections due to the fact that most of the available HGH supplements today are releasers. In a nutshell it means that HGH supplements do not contain the human growth hormone like it is in the case of HGH injections.


When considering the reasons why HGH supplements are better than injections, we have to consider the convenience they offer when compared to the injections.

The administration of these injections varies in that some doctors recommend that you must visit them for every injection while others recommend for them to be taken at home.

HGH injections contain synthesized GH in regulated dosages, which should be taken in a frequent interval to maintain a steady level of the natural GH in the system.

This means regular dosing, which means that you need to get the shot on a daily basis.

Injections are not everyone’s cup of tea due to the pain involved. Although some modern advancement in the syringe technology have come about, this process still remains inconvenient.

The method involving injections is very inconvenient, and not forgetting the huge risks of contracting other infections and reactions due to the nature of injections.

Why are HGH Supplements Recommended by Doctors?

A number of HGH supplements available in the market contain both herbal and pharmaceutical ingredients. These herbal ingredients stimulate the pituitary gland to increase the production of the human growth hormone.

Although these HGH supplements do not offer immediate results like the HGH injections, they are effective and contain some vitamins and amino acids too. There is also no risk of experiencing side effects when using these supplements.

Other Benefits of Using HGH Supplements

Another reason why HGH supplements are better than injections is the additional benefits these pills offer.

There are various pills that have been associated with increasing muscle mass, improving sleep and sexual enhancement (enhancing sexual desire and performance among women and men).

HGH supplements have been linked to curing your immune system thereby improving immunity, better athletic strength and performance, great help in weight training and body building and improving the recovery rate of muscles after a workout.

Bottom Line

Using the correct HGH product brings about some notable effects on your metabolism, which makes you look and feel younger.

It is right to use your body’s own HGH rather than relying on a synthetic one. This qualifies as another important reason why HGH supplements are better than injections.

More people have turned to using the natural HGH supplements after realizing their effectiveness and worthiness as opposed to the HGH injections that are harmful, expensive and synthetic.

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